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Ocean City , NJ

(February 27, 2008)
Ocean City, NJ is a "familly oriented" vacation spot. The community is located on the Jersey Shore at the northern tip of Cape May County, 20 minutes from Atlantic City, 70 minutes from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York. Often deserted in winter it becomes alive in spring, specifically during week ends with the crowd trying to escape Philly, New York or other major regional cities.


  • Huge beach with relatively limited crowd in some areas.
  • Extremely quiet off season (almost scary).
  • Nice airport also featuring showers in season to clean-up after a day at the beach.
  • Friendly restaurant on the airport (diner style).

What's Out There
We sometime fly with my wife and friends from Princeton, NJ (39N) to Ocean City (26N) for the day. We leave before lunch time so we can get something to eat at the airport diner once landed.
We love the destination before or after the official beach season, the crowd is light but the weather nice enough for a walk or nap on the beach.
There is also a 2.5 miles boardwalk lined up with shops, restaurants and attractions on some sections though not at the airport level where it is more residential
. We do not like the destination though for overnight stays as it does not feature the type of hotel we like and it is anyway too close to our home airport.

How To Go
Easy to reach by car. I
t is 20 minutes from Atlantic City, 70 minutes from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York.

Flying there you can use the Ocean City Municipal Airport (no commercial traffic). Read More ...

How To Travel Around
The airport does not offer much as far as transportation (if anything). We usually walk accross the residential area until we reach the beach.


The only restaurant we tried is the airport diner. A great place for a fairly simple and cheap lunch (no fancy food there).



From the author: A fun flight destination for the day but no more. It does not seem to be an exciting place otherwise.

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