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Top 10 You Know You Are Spending Too Much Time Away From Home When

(May 1st, 2008)

You know you are spending too much time away from home when:

It is easier for you to find light switches in your hotel room than your home bedroom.
The hotel front desk is worried because you are coming back later than usual at night.
The entire hotel staff saw your wedding pictures before you even came back from your own wedding.
Telling the team "let's go home!" to go back to the hotel after work.
Your hotel restaurant server massages your shoulders to help you decide on breakfast asking "what is it going to be for you today sweety?"
People start thinking you are going away for the week end when you are actually going back home.
The hotel front desk staff greats you with a warm "Welcome Home!".
You cannot locate the towels at home anymore.
You dial 0 or 9 from your home phone to get the front desk or external line.
You take out your latest hotel key card to open your door at home instead of your keys.

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From the author: You know the airlines are desperate when you have to fly coast to coast with doctor Zizmor smiling from the overhead bin (a NY subway frequent traveler).

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