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Jason & Cathy's Wedding

(September 5, 2008)
Thank you Jason & Cathy for organizing one of the coolest wedding I have ever been to! I think we all had tons of fun ... going back home was a pain after such a cool trip! Click on the links above to see some of my shots. A have a few of the conple's pictures below. Thank you again for everything!
The French Connection.

I also have a few videos:

The Groom & Bride's Pictures
You can click on the picture to access the full size printable (or not) picture.

Last evening out before THE Day at PepperMint Park.
The Men finally got what he was looking for after a tough nego, more than $1,000 stolen by the lady's gang and some nasty cross-dressing games ... I am not showing the pictures but their owners can claim them (I have good shots)!
A beautiful ceremony at the Glass Pavillion in the Amara Sentosa resort.
He is finally signing his life away!
Very charming!
And now the Groom can kiss the Bride ... after refreshing his breath ... did you have some Durian before the wedding?
Saturday Night Fever Baby!
Our new couple with the Groom's parent in the background!
Jason ... you look way too serious ...




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