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Bio as of June 2008

In case you are curious about who is writing all those things: I am a Manager in a large Consulting firm providing business and IT advisory services to major clients in the financial services industry, as well as managing large voice and data infrastructure projects with focus on data centers, corporate voice and data infrastructures and call center solutions. Before definitively moving to the US in 1998 where I started my career at France Telecom, I studied in France in various technology fields obtaining a Master in Telecommunication and Bachelor in Computer Engineering.

More can be found about me on LinkedIn and Copain D'avant

Professional Activities

For those who are interrested, here is what I do for a living in my current company:

IT Solutions Architecture, Design & Implementation

  • Planned the development of a new facility for the migration of a Disaster Recovery and Application Development data center. The migration includes the virtualization of non-critical systems serving as a proof of concept for the future production virtualization effort of the company.
  • Managed the relocation of a data center infrastructure from a legacy primary facility to a new collocation facility for one of the largest private fund. Managed the new facility readiness, the migration planning, multiple infrastructure required enhancements as well as the application mapping, baselining and classification to prepare the migration plan and scheduling.
  • Designed and implemented an external connectivity infrastructure for a large financial firm including messaging, web browsing, remote access, file transfer, ecommerce, and partners connectivity services as well as an out of band network infrastructure to support the operations. A disaster recovery infrastructure has been designed and will be implemented as a second phase.
  • Implemented customized search solutions at two major financial institutions for a pilot and proof of concept to demonstrate heterogeneous content search capabilities for secure and non-secure documents. Working on real-time data search integration within the enterprise search platform.
  • Participated in the Next Generation Network design of a major financial institution. Conducted a thorough analysis of the network services contract base and participated in the billing and chargeback strategic planning. Managed the Asian countries project thread for distribution and access design developing the business case and supporting the implementation of the recommended design in Japan with the carrier selection for the various MPLS and Gigabit Ethernet segments. Focused on enhanced business continuity limiting infrastructure cost increase with new technologies and network redesign.
  • Managed the design and deployment of a Routing Registry to support a major financial institution global BGP network. Tested 2 major products (IRRd and RIPE). Implemented and customized IRRd to match some of the RFC-2725 functionalities and offer web based functionalities.
  • Assisted a major financial institution in the design and sourcing of a new network connecting one thousand branch and kiosk locations to its main data centers using DSL and VPN technologies. Supported negotiations with the carriers for rates and SLAs based on regional availability.
  • Implemented a remote-access solution for France Telecom in North America using Shiva LanRover access servers and tested security solutions for remote access users including SecureID, and firewalls.

IP Telephony, Contact Center & Other Voice Technologies

  • Assisted in the evaluation and selection of various alternatives to potentially consolidate the customer's multiple contact center dialers and IVRs into two centralized locations. Defined various scenarios providing risk, benefit and cost considerations.
  • Managed the infrastructure design and pilot planning for a new Avaya converged contact center solution supporting 12,000 agents in 6 locations across the US. The first phase of the design includes a data center centralized ACD and IVR platform supporting all incoming calls and using the WAN to route calls to local contact centers. A second phase will include the complete virtualization of the voice applications.
  • Supported the review and troubleshooting of an Avaya virtual environment design. Provided highlights on existing design limitations and solutions to mitigate service impacts.
  • Project Manager for the setup and deployment of a new IP Telephony voice infrastructure to support all retail banking activities of a major bank with 700 branch locations. Managed the centralized call processing centers setup, supported all test activities including a Cisco and Avaya pilot and supervised all retail locations deployment activities.
  • Project Manager for the setup and deployment of a Cisco IP Contact Center to support the procurement department of a major bank. Supported the integration of the contact center platform with the existing voice infrastructure for enhanced flexibility. Introduced new tools for live statistics and historical reports to enhance productivity.
  • Participated in an IP Telephony infrastructure assessment in order to provide architecture, process and organizational recommendations. This work resulted in directional guidance for IP Telephony technology implementation and Day 2 support transition. The initiative also focused on enhancing corporate communication to improve the understanding of IP based voice communications. Specific areas of focus included PRI design, dial plan, traditional and IP-based voice features and IP telephony technology architecture
  • Deployed voice over IP networks between Europe and North America over existing local and long distance networks using Unix & PC based telecommunication equipments.
  • Participated in the Voice over IP products development and market positioning in Europe and North America for a leading European manufacturer. This involved a market and competition study, a marketing strategy and the design of sales support tools

IT Strategy

  • Led the review, future state definition and roadmap development for customer support operations of the leading worldwide advanced payment solution organization. The project focused on people, processes and technologies to enhance support operations and prepare for future growth. A large array of technologies were in scope including a fully virtualized voice environment, call center applications, tiered support systems, reporting solutions as well as business process systems for incident and knowledge management.
  • Managed the development of a new network services strategy regarding voice, video, LAN, WAN, convergence, security and network management for a major global bank operating in 65 countries with more than 65,000 employees. Provided best practices and design recommendations for the convergence of voice and data and the virtualization of voice services.
  • Supported a major insurance group in reviewing its current network organization, workflows and processes to better support their contact centers and converged infrastructure. Provided organizational recommendations in line with network convergence and contact center virtualization best practices.
  • Provided post implementation support and architecture recommendations to enhance IT operations at a new bank campus location using a Cisco and Avaya converged infrastructure. Participated in the development of the new Day2 support model based on assessment results.
  • Assisted a major overseas telecommunication company in identifying new IP Telephony based products and developing a new strategy. Reviewed processes, conducted interviews, market surveys and SWOT analysis to provide recommendations.

IT Cost Control & Management

  • Managed multiple cost takeout initiatives to reduce telecommunication expenses of a leading financial services company. Key focus areas included:
    • Rationalization of local voice communication, Centrex lines, PBX trunks, Directory Assistance and toll-free services to reduce billing errors, limit over-capacity and introduce less expensive alternatives for large locations and contact centers
    • Managed deployment of 50 location-based PBX modules to adjust services to business demand
    • Coordinated the Risk Management (ECO) review of new service providers and managed all related network transitions
    • Led initiatives to eliminate 20,000 Centrex lines and voice ports in 8 headquarter locations
    • Assisted the rationalization of circuit inventory and charge-back processes
  • Assisted a major bank in the review of carrier circuit ordering process, validation of billing procedures and vendor contract re-negotiation.
  • Provided recommendations to reduce various voice and data operation expenses for a leading financial institution. The effort resulted in significant savings and better quality of service.
  • Helped a large foreign financial institution assess new network alternative to reduce access cost in significant number of remote locations. Facilitated the vendor selection process for telecommunication and equipment vendors


When I am not working (yes it happens) I have a few hobbies listed here in order of preferences:





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