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HU-16 Albatross Flying Boat
(February 18, 2008)
Why talk about this one in particular ... because I had the chance to fly it quite a few times and I like the bird! If you are a glass-cockpit fan, a fiber structure maniac or smooth profile adict, this plane is not for you. The HU-16 is heavy, square, rough, old and his cockpit is packed with rusty buttons. His supercharged Wright R1820s' radial engines are not turbine winners, they rage and rattle on take off with enough dBs to pop your ear drums out!

The HU-16B is an all-metal, high wing, twin-engine sea plane with fixed wing-tip floats built by Grumman. It is powered by two 9-cylinder Wright R1820-76B or 76D engines driving three-bladed, constant spedd, full feathering and reversible pitch propellers. The engine is also equiped with single stage two speed superchargers.


- Span

96 ft 08 in
62 ft 10 in
25 ft 11 in
7 ft 11 in
17 ft 08 in

The maximum growth weight from the manual is at 46,100 LB but at the cost of numerous limitations that would not make it a friendly flyer (and do not even think about losing that engine). More on growth weight and limitations are discussed later.

More to come soon.


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From the author: I love flying, I love technology but I am not a big fan of the mix sometimes. Old planes are cool, keep them flying!

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