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Airlines Venture Failures or Success?
(June 10, 2008)
This morning I was reading an article in a well know Wall Street publication regarding the once again so predictable failure of an US airline venture TED created by United.
I usually do not fly TED or United but I heard from their frequent flyers that TED was not really interesting and only a failed attempt to compete with Southwest. But the article goes on listing all those failed ventures and I do not agree with every one of them. Even though Delta terminated their Song venture, any frequent flyer used to fly with both Song and Delta can tell how much Song influenced Delta. When Delta introduced Song, it was not a simple low cost alternative, it was the introduction of PTVs, new leather seating, in-flight cocktails and enhanced food for purchase instead of bad snacks. Any Delta passenger flying coast to coast at the time knows since Delta dropped all those routes only operated by Song (NYC-SFO, NYC-LAX, etc.). When Delta decided to stop operating Song, the concept and airplanes did not vanish, Song airplanes joined the Delta fleet and the 757s used by Song did not change much besides a First class in the front section of the airplane and a new paint job after a while. If anything saved Delta from bankruptcy besides the financial manipulation, it may also be its new service from the Song era at a moderate cost compared to the competition. Delta terminating Song was not a failure. They probably realized after creating such a good side product that it may well be best to make it the mainstream product of the airline.

Cheers & Fly Safe!


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Coming Soon ...

Not a typical chinese city where left overs from a broken communist empire fashionably crumbles near capitalism empires with a touch of French Concession.

So much history but so little time. What can be done in less than 3 days to grasp the essential.

A more typical Chinese city lucky enough to seat a few minutes away (traffic permiting ... never) from the famous Terracota Warriors.

Hong Kong
Where poor and rich people, overpopulated and empty areas continue to represent the legacy of a British colony that lost its english!

The most beautiful and clean water populated with an amazing marine life.

Puerto Rico
So close to New York but so far from urban US life.

Cayman Islands
Quiet and simple with too many reasons not to do anything. Insider's notes.

La Reunion
The island with 100 different climates even though it is only 40 by 30 miles.

I wish it was not that humid because I could almost live there.

Not one of my holiday destination but after a few month consulting in the area I guess I can say a few words.

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Quite a nice week end gateway from Phoenix with many uncommon museums.

Such a nice and friendly city. Warm people but cold winters.

Quebec City
Even duting a blizzard the city is a charm.

Other cities and regions to come: San Francisco, Napa Valley, Palm Spring, New York, Nice (France), Princeton (NJ), New Hope (PA), Cedar Point (OH), Paris (France), Normandy (France).



From the author: You know the airlines are desperate when you have to fly coast to coast with doctor Zizmor smiling from the overhead bin (a NY subway frequent traveler).

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